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6th Form (16-19 years)

We support students to raise their aspirations and develop life skills

6th Form (16 – 19 years)

Within our 6th Form, through the Conductive Education framework, we support students to raise their aspirations and develop the skills needed for adult life, optimizing their future life chances and enabling them to become as independent as possible in:

Communication – to ensure all our young people can express their views, choices and opinions, as well as have a say on their future and direct those who support them.
Physical skills and ability – to maximise potential and enable students to continue to be as active as possible, especially in relation to activities of daily living.
Cognition – emphasis is placed on developing the functional use of skills, as well as promoting critical thinking and a love of learning. A range of qualifications are available, building on what has already been achieved.
Emotional and mental well-being – developing a resilience and sense of self-worth to tackle the challenges of adulthood. Our young people are also taught about how to keep themselves safe in all areas of their life, including online and in relation to relationships and sex.

Our person-centred approaches identify what is important to our young people and enable personalised learning and support programmes to be developed which empower them to follow their own long-term goals and aspirations. Emphasis is placed on developing the functional use of skills learnt in earlier key stages and each student has a bespoke curriculum which allows them to progress to their individual potential.
As well as providing opportunities for the young people within 6th Form to gain knowledge and experience of what is available as they move into adulthood, they are able to build upon the qualifications they have already achieved and work towards higher grades or follow different programmes of study, such as GCSEs and Entry Level Certificates in English and maths; City and Guilds entry level award and certificate in Effective Augmentative and Alternative Communication, WJEC Entry Pathways in Independent Living, Humanities, ICT, Science and Open Awards Accessible ICT. In addition, we offer the four certificated ASDAN My Independence programmes, which are mapped to the preparing for adulthood pathways, with the aim of raising aspirations.

Also, we offer our 6th Form students the opportunity to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places through participation in the John Muir Award. As well as challenging our students, the award encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment through a structured yet adaptable scheme, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

By offering a range of different qualifications and certifications we are able to offer our students choices and can support them to progress along their chosen path, as well as ensure they receive recognition for their achievements and promote self-esteem and confidence.

 Ensuring individuals are able to communicate and interact within society is key, so when students move into sixth form, a range of opportunities are provided to support the development of these skills, which include community visits, college link courses and work experience.

Our skilled transdisciplinary team work together to support our young people, and their families, as they move into adulthood. This includes understanding the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to prepare and support our young people in making important decisions about their future.

There is a discretionary bursary available to sixth form students – for information on how to apply see Information for Pupils and Parents.