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March brings the annual celebration of Conductive Education where CE centres across the UK and in fact the globe try to raise the awareness of Conductive Education and the work these centres do. A fun theme and the colour blue is used to unite the centres across the country. This year’s message was a simple one… ‘Celebrating Conductive Education’. So, the Conductors at Ingfield used this opportunity to come up with some creative ways to make this week special for the students.

Monday 16th March marked the first day of ‘Musical Motor Learning’ across the school. Each group picked different songs to work to within their morning motor learning sessions. The leaders incorporated instruments for the students to use whilst completing their usual tasks. Students were seen stamping on drums and rolling rainmakers amongst other things throughout the week. Two groups took on the task to create a dance routine using the skills they work on in Motor Learning.

The Secondary department have created a whole dance performance and the Rubies group in Primary have prepared their very own music video. Both of these performances are eagerly awaited once we are able to come together as a whole school community again. The week was also used to focus on how the tasks completed in Motor Learning can help the students throughout the day at school and of course at home. Tasks such as lifting a stick up and down for example can be transferred to daily skills such as; lifting arms to put on a jumper/top or lifting arms to wash or brush their hair.

“Motor Learning helps me with my daily routine” says one student.

Another stated “It helps me to transfer”

Friday brought an end to our week of musical motor learnings, hand tasks and dance rehearsals. To end the week students and staff donned their blue clothes and participated in some extra activities. In Primary the students completed a whole department musical extravaganza motor learning and ventured outside for a hand task programme. They also got stuck in creating some wonderful blue artwork in the form of puzzle pieces using their hands and feet to actively make their art.

In Secondary the students completed individual tasks to collect puzzle pieces in their tutor groups. They then put their puzzles together and used skills from motor learning to access their communication devices, answering questions about Conductive Education and how it helps them.

Conductive Education is a bit like a puzzle in that there are many separate aspects to it, but they all have to fit together to meet the needs of each individual. All of the students at Ingfield are individuals with their own needs and personalities but they also all fit together to create a group that works together to be active, independent learners.

The students all really enjoyed using instruments within their motor learning and lots of active work was seen across the school. We will be having an assembly soon to show off all the fun and hard work from our CE Awareness Week and of course to see the much-anticipated dance routine and music video.

Laurie Pullin
Primary Team Leader and Conductor