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This year, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of conductive education. The specialist approach practised at the school can transform the lives of people with a variety of motor disorders, including cerebral palsy. Conductive Education Awareness Week (March 5th to 22nd) aims to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of this unique learning program.

Conductive Education can be applied throughout a person’s whole life and is traditionally beneficial for those with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke and acquired brain injury. It focuses on potential and ability, rather than an individual’s disability. People with neurological and mobility impairment can learn to perform daily tasks that those without such impairment learn through normal life experiences.

In addition to here at Ingfield Manor School, there are over 30 centres nationally, working with over 2,000 children and adults. Conductive Education can have an extraordinary impact on those who attend the specialist sessions and on their families.

Here is a story about Sebby, who lives in West Sussex and attends Ingfield Manor School.

Sebby’s mum Ann writes:


We were introduced to Conductive Education in January 2015 via School for Parents which runs alongside Ingfield Manor main school. Sebby was just one year old when we first began attending the once weekly sessions.


I’m not over exaggerating when I say it quite literally changed our lives.


Conductive Education guided us towards a totally new and hands on approach. It allowed us to facilitate Sebby’s very much restricted mobility and gave us renewed hope towards a positive future for Sebby.
Sebby has thrived ever since. He adored his time each week and thankfully we won the funding to enable Sebby to continue in full time education at Ingfield.


Quite simply after lots of research, there is nothing else out there that can offer such positive and beneficial help within a classroom structure. We are blessed and Sebby is a very happy, confident little man as a consequence of Conductive Education.

Ingfield Manor School is part of a national network of conductive education centres, including schools and sessional services.

Principal; Nicola Dodds says ”Ingfield Manor school aspires to deliver a ‘can-do’ approach for all. The individualised approach paired with conductive education drives forward positivity at all levels. Outcomes capture not only visible progress, but the inward journey that each individual makes with a huge sense of belonging our students have from accomplishing their goals. We are always eager to show people what we do and to demonstrate the life-changing outcomes we achieve”.

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