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We couldn’t go out to the community, so the community came to us…

At Ingfield Manor, the 6th Form students participate in weekly sessions learning about the community and what their roles are within it. This should have involved being out and about around the community, but due to COVID 19, this was not possible.

Where there’s a will there’s a way – out of paint, cardboard boxes and imagination – up sprung “Emerald City”.

Lessons were carried out, learning about bank accounts, contactless, chip + pin payments and budgets. Also, lessons on road and traffic safety.

Within “The Ingfield Plaza” shopping arcade and armed with budgets, shopping lists and payment methods, the students transferred all their learnt skills to carry out their given tasks and challenges, physically and cognitively.

Outside (fortunately, it was dry weather), there were homemade zebra crossings and traffic lights whilst practising their driving (powerchairs/platforms) skills and keeping safe out and about. All on route to “Amy’s Bistro”. Here, all students practised their communication and social skills by ordering and buying their appropriate lunches.

A fun day was had by all.