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Careers Programme

At Ingfield Manor we are committed to providing all our students with a comprehensive programme of career education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and work related learning.

As a specialist school for students with motor neurological impairment, we take a person-centred approach to CEIAG where the term ‘careers’ is viewed holistically. Career related goals may come in different guises for young people with motor neurological impairment but they are all equally valid to the individual and their family. Our high aspirations and long term goal planning is reflected in Education, Health and Care Plans, with the student and their parents/carers being fully involved in all planning through the annual review process, as well as parents’ meetings and regular communications. Partnerships with parents and carers is an important element of all aspects of life at Ingfield Manor.

We therefore take a tailored approach to our CEIAG and work related learning, taking into account individual student’s pace of learning and unique abilities.

We believe all our students are entitled to CEIAG and work related learning which is:
• independent and impartial
• based on partnership with young people, their families and carers
• based on the principles of equal opportunities
• valued as an integral part of the overall curriculum
• structured to provide help, information and support at decision points to meet their continuing needs

Through the Conductive Education approach, our students develop their independence skill, working as autonomously as possible, organising their thinking, meeting deadlines, resilience, and reliability. This encompasses working on independent living skills, social skills and communication. Our teaching and learning, across secondary and 6th form, focuses on the relevance of subjects to everyday living and the skills required for adulthood, including developing self-advocacy, negotiation, decision making and transition skills.
Enabling our students to have ‘a voice’ is a key part of our curriculum; they are supported by a team of speech and language therapists; teachers and support staff skilled and experienced in support the use of high and low tech augmentative and alternative technology (AAC); skilled and experienced IT technicians as well as external specialists.

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