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At Ingfield the Primary students are all continuing to make great progress be it at home or in school! We were very lucky to be able to put on a slightly different version of our Primary Christmas play this year – filmed in bubbles and pieced together to create a full play to send home to all of our families. The students all had a great time putting this together.
In Tigers the students have been enjoying learning about dinosaurs this half term and have all been working hard on their physical skills, completing challenging tasks such as sitting on their stools whilst completing work in lessons.

In Lions we have many students learning from home and a few in school. All of them have been working hard and this half term have been learning about mountains. They created some lovely mountains in art and wrote some lovely postcards describing how they would feel if they were on top of a mountain!

In Leopards they have been on a road trip across the USA and have enjoyed learning about New York, the Rockies and Native Americans. They all learnt what their name would be if they were a Native American and made their own totem poles.