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Technology and Communication

Our Technologist ensures that each pupils’ device meets their individual needs

Technology and Communication

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a huge part in the lives of our pupils
and students, and the school is extremely well equipped to meet those needs.

Working closely with our local Specialist AAC Assessment Hubs we ensure all pupils and students have a communication aid (high-tech and/or low-tech), training and support to develop vital skills for the future. 

Our technologist, with our therapists and teachers, work with each pupil and student to ensure their device meets their individual needs and supports them to develop their access skills. Since communication is a two-way process, training is also provided to those people closest to the pupil or student – this includes family, friends, teachers and other staff. This innovative approach has been highly successful and is now a key part of what Ingfield does.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication
AAC skills are taught within group or individual communication sessions and then practised and applied throughout the school day. Pupils and students who use AAC follow a programme to develop ‘linguistic, operational, social, and strategic competencies’ and this is embedded within the whole curriculum. Communication plays a key part in being able to access the curriculum.


Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies (IDV) is a system of grids which are used throughout the school. These were devised and developed at Ingfield and are now nationally recognised.

Vocabulary for Life (VfL) is used alongside IDV in the secondary and sixth form departments.

Picture Communication Symbols
PCS are typically used at Ingfield, these are incorporated into communication books and software.