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My son Sebastian (Sebby) attended ‘School for Parents’ back in January 2015. He had just turned one.

As we drove down the drive to the School I knew it was something special. We were welcomed by the most wonderful team of staff and after a couple of hours assessment and viewing a class of little people like Sebby, we exited the school with the most enormous joy and HOPE…I turned to my partner and said; ‘This is the Best Day of my Life’ and I meant it.

We were introduced to Conductive Education and from that day on, we’ve never looked back. Conductive Education is beyond words, one of the greatest gifts you could give a little person like Sebby.

The regular weekly sessions were an absolute Life Line. Being with other parents who’s children were similar to Sebby was such a help. It made me feel less overwhelmed and alone in terms of accepting and understanding what it meant to have a son with Cerebral Palsy.
The staff were superb and we absolutely loved our time with them. We laughed and learned…What more could you ask for?!

Rachel Sebastino was instrumental in our applying for a place at Ingfield Manor School and when we got to Sebby being of school age, we had a great EHCP in place (massively helped by Rachel).

We knew that nowhere else would be able to offer Sebby what Ingfield could and C.E had absolutely become a major factor in our lives. I fought and won the funding for Sebby to attend and tearfully called Rachel to say we could have Sebby start.

He now attends the ‘Little Bears’ class where he is thriving SO much. He delights in his school hours. I pick him up and drop him off and it fills my heart with joy to see him so happy.

Because of Ingfield Manor School Sebby’s posture has greatly improved, his head and trunk control are strengthening all the time, he’s vocalising loads and his confidence and learning are just growing and growing. It truly is incredible and we count our lucky stars that we have found such a magical, inspirational school. Thank you Ingfield!

Written by Ann