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Visual Impairment

Neurological or Cerebral Visual Impairment

Here at Ingfield Manor School, the Qualified Teacher of Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (QTVI) advises on strategies for curriculum access and independent learning. Guiding the work of other professionals in the school, providing on-going advice and assessing the students’ functional vision is central to the role.

Ingfield Manor School is able to offer the ‘CVI Range’(i) assessments to identify the presence of typical CVI characteristics in children and provide an individual intervention program. The ‘CVI Range’ can help families, educators, therapists and other agencies gain a better understanding of a child’s level of functional vision and how CVI impacts on their daily life. The assessment process is designed in a way that the QTVI can identify where on the ‘CVI Range’ a child is and advise on systematic interventions and strategies for supporting learners, based on the premise that functional vision in children with CVI can be improved.

(i)The ‘CVI Range’, developed by Christine Roman-Lantzy, PhD, is an assessment and intervention framework. This method is presented in her book, ‘Cortical Visual Impairment – An Approach to Assessment and Intervention’ 2007 AFB Press.