We offer Monday to Friday boarding provision during term time.

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About Acorns

We offer and support varying overnight / short break requests, including:

• Monday to Thursday overnight

• Once / twice a week overnight stays

• Other short break offers such as once / twice at half term.

Our Head of Care will work closely with parents/carers in meeting the needs of individual students or residents.

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Our Staff

The staffing structure at Ingfield reflects the holistic approach of Conductive Education. Some of the residential staffing team also work with the students through part of the school day. This ensures continuity and consistency. Our staff know each individual well and ensures students are challenged to meet their goals and aspirations, always offering a positive ‘can do’ approach. Our residential service is inspected annually by Ofsted (Social Care). We also receive regular monitoring visits from NYAS (National Youth Advisory Service) in line with Standard 20 of the National Minimum Standards for Non-Maintained Special Schools (NMSS).

Boarding at school can help to develop self-confidence, and self-esteem, and equip children with skills for independence. Children who board at Ingfield Manor School can enjoy additional social interaction with their peers who have similar needs. Our team of skilled staff work with the students in the evenings to promote their self-help and communication skills. Young people develop their leisure interests and social skills, both on site and in the local community.

Bedroom Accommodation

There are shared and single bedroom options with some bedrooms offering en-suite facilities. The area is planned and organised to encompass all the furniture and equipment necessary for each individual. Children’s health, safety, happiness and security are at the forefront of our service.

Lounge and Dining Room

Acorns has a lounge area with games, toys, TV, computer, student accessible sound system, books etc. There is also a dining area equipped with accessible and adaptive equipment to facilitate independence.

Pupils are regularly consulted about what they would like to do after school and they enjoy a variety of activities in the evenings, here are just a few examples:

• Boccia club
• Craft corner
• Pamper sessions
• Cinema
• Bowling trips
• Ice skating
• Meals out