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Admissions and Assessment

Admission and Assessment Process

School for Parents

This service supports families with babies and children under five years of age.

Please contact the school on 01403 782294 to arrange an informal visit and meet with the Head of Early Years, Rachel Sebastino.

Ingfield Manor School

Ingfield Manor School welcomes children and young people from many different local authorities.

All placements are with the agreement of the local authority to fund the placement, and for the school to be named in the student’s Education, Health and Care Plan.

Once a referral is received from a local authority we will arrange for the student and parents to attend an initial visit. Following this the young person will attend an assessment day, supported by parent. During the course of the day, the student will be seen by the Professional Team at Ingfield, who will together decide if the school can meet the student’s needs within our programmes and consequently offer a place at Ingfield Manor School, subject to funding agreement.

We accept students throughout the school year.

All families are welcome to make an informal visit to the school to meet the staff, see our facilities and to gain an impression of our approach. Please contact the school on 01403 782294 for further information on the admissions process or to arrange an initial visit.

Please refer to your local authority appeals timetable for any timelines with regards to placement decisions.

For more information read our Admissions Policy.

Ingfield Manor School
Testimonial from a parent, Wilf has attended Ingfield Manor for less than two months:
Wilf is lying on his tummy. Wilf would rarely lie on his tummy, preferring to have his hips flexed. More often now, especially in the bath, he will lie flat on his tummy with his legs stretched out. He now seems more comfortable in this position.
Whilst Wilf has been able to do reciprocal crawling for a long time, it’s not very often and he slips into ‘bunny-hopping’. Not only is doing more reciprocal crawling, it is far more pronounced and purposeful. We had a family friend for dinner who knows Wilf well and sees him regularly. Could not believe how his crawling had improved.